Laser Scientific Papers

Our Technical Director, Dr Powell has been actively involved in Laser Applications Research for over 30 years and has published over 100 papers on subjects such as:
Laser Cutting
Laser Safety
Laser Welding
Laser Surface Treatment
Fibre Lasers
Water Jet Cutting


Laser Cutting – First Principles to the state of the art PDF

An explanation of ‘striation free’ cutting of mild steel by fibre laser PDF

Ultra high speed camera investigations of Laser Beam Welding PDF

Pulsed Laser weld quality monitoring by the statistical analysis of reflected light PDF

The Absorptance of Steels to Nd:YLF and Nd:YAG Laser Light at Room Temperature PDF

The L.I.A. Guide to Laser Cutting

Dr Powell is also the author of the leading book on the subject of Laser Cutting. This book is available to purchase direct from Laser Expertise or from the respective publishers. (Published by the Laser Institute of America: ISBN 0-912035-17-X)