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Over the past couple of years, outdoor space has been so important to so many...

Modern street furniture fabricated by Laser Expertise
We are proud to be a partner with Benchmark Ltd, particularly during this time, having had a hand in creating beautiful and contemporary outdoor areas.

The Bristol-based business Benchmark Ltd was established in 1995, operating for almost three decades, we have been working with them since 1998.

Designers of innovative and robust street furniture, their designs can be seen throughout the UK. They have worked on a wide range of projects including town centre regenerations, public spaces and university campuses.

All five versatile designs of their street furniture can be tailored to individual customer requirements. They, therefore, need to work with reliable suppliers who are flexible and can help them deliver their projects, often to tight deadlines.

To create their highly aesthetic designs, Benchmark requires high-quality materials. The bench we feature here combines a mild steel structure with iroko hardwood to create a much sought after look.

This seating was for a courtyard area as part of the town centre regeneration in Horsham, using their Exeter range. The developers created a premium space, including retail and leisure amenities with attractive areas in which to relax.

Laser cutting and steel fabrication - Laser Expertise

For this contract, we fabricated the foundation steelwork of the bench. This included the internal seating assemblies, base plates and fixings. Processes here included laser cutting, rolling, assembly, welding and dressing.

High quality materials at Laser Expertise

Here we see the flat legs of the bench, newly cut by our Bystar industrial laser cutter. We then bend the steel before it is assembled, welded and dressed to create the finished oblong steel legs of the bench.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce. With a project such as this, a superb finish was essential. The finished products will undergo public scrutiny, particularly when regeneration projects are involved. Benchmark produces impeccable quality street furniture and we’re proud to have played a part in this project, and others, by manufacturing excellent quality steel products.

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