Wood Laser Cutting

Wood Laser Cutting

Laser Expertise offer Wood Laser Cutting and MDF Laser Cutting services.

Our high power, precision CO2 Laser and complex Laser Cutting software can quickly convert your design into a precision Laser Cut product.

We have high powered extraction and fume treatment systems which enable us to cut materials which others find difficult.

We are able to cut Wood and MDF in sheet form or for smaller design projects.

We offer extremely competitive pricing, a Gold Service 24 hour delivery and we can give you a same day quotation.

For more information or a same day quotation, contact us on +44 (0) 115 985 1273 or sales@laserexp.co.uk.

Wood Laser Cutting Example

A series of interlocking complex MDF panels. The accuracy of slots and the sharpness of internal corners allow a perfect assembly fit with minimal gluing. This unit forms the internal structure of a high specification studio speaker system.