Architectural Laser Cutting & Metalwork

• Balustrading

• Rails

• Base, Kick & Tread Plates

• Finials

• Escutcheons

• Specialist Hinges etc

Laser Cutting for Architectural Metalwork

At Laser Expertise we offer a wide range of Architectural Laser Cutting.

Complete freedom of design – highly detailed work can be cut. We are able to laser cut the following:

• Stainless Steel – up to 15mm thick
• Copper – up to 5mm thick
• Plastics – up to 25mm thick
• Timber based products – up to 25mm

We are also able to laser cut Balustrading, staircases, decorative features and structural work.

For more information or a same day quotation, contact us on +44 (0) 115 985 1273

Architectural Laser Cutting – How it works

Lasers can be used to cut any shape that can be drawn providing that the material is suitable for laser cutting. Laser Expertise specialises in nitrogen-cutting of Stainless Steel which is particularly appropriate for external usage such as Architectural Metalwork.

Decorative exterior clocks in traditional and contemporary styles with laser cut numerals.
High quality architectural balustrading in stainless steel which can be cut up to 15mm thick.