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Controlling Material Properties

Fabrication Services

We have been working with technology and manufacturing company Surface Generation for some time. Their unique patented technology allows the seriously advanced processing of high-performance materials. Their work is used in multiple sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical and consumer electronics.

Electrical cabinet fabrication

As well as other ongoing work between us, the new contract we are currently working on requires 5 M32 Electrical Cabinets.

These cabinets control the heat source on composite moulding tools, allowing the precise controlling of material properties at a digital level. Higher control allows the materials to be manipulated in ways not possible with conventional methods.

We're pleased to work with a company thinking outside of the box on this robust technology. These processes have changed the landscape of intelligent processing of composite materials - increasing yield, saving costs, energy and producing significantly lighter weight products.

We're thrilled to put our fabrication and cutting skills to such great use on a forward-thinking technology. Surface Generation trusts us to manage this highly important project efficiently from start to end.

Anton Schwarz, Business Owner

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