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The customer we are working with is known for using microfactories as part of its business model to manufacture electric buses. This concept of microfactories, which originated in Japan, focuses on small to medium scale cell-based production and can be set up quickly wherever there is demand.

Electric bus Laser Expertise

The result is a smaller footprint and reduced environmental impact. It also means that production benefits the local community, whether that be in tax, jobs or a localised supply chain.

We are fabricating a range of products for their electric bus range, a selection of which can now be found over on our Production Line.

Everything about this Electric Bus is cutting edge and this needed to be reflected in the finish of each component. Our full fabrication offering includes the laser cutting of sheet metals as well as bending, welding, galvanising, polishing and painting.

It is also a vehicle that was created with social distancing very much in mind. The bell can be replaced with your smartphone while floating seats can be re-configured and are designed for quick and easy cleaning.

This sort of attention to detail can be seen at every level and, for us, it meant seamless welding, faultless stainless steel finishes and precision powder coating.

Anton Schwarz, Business Owner

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