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Look and you will start to notice Bradshaw’s electric vehicles everywhere. Specialising in industrial electric vehicle design, they have worked alongside The British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and The Chelsea Flower Show. In fact, they ship over 2,000 vehicles annually.

Partnership with Bradshaw's electric vehicles

They manufacture award-winning products such as golf buggies, passenger and utility vehicles. This means you’ll often find them on the golf course or anywhere where there is a higher footfall - you're also likely to see their electric vehicles at well-populated events. Therefore, their vehicles need to be lightweight and responsive, but also need to be robust. This is especially true for the product we’re currently working on for them; a high-performance tow tractor with a 25-tonne towing capacity.

The Bradshaw project is an exciting fabrication for us, it is one of the more detailed fabrications we carry out. There are panels and plates in a range of sizes and joint configurations with varying complexity. The completed build itself is substantial and as a result, needs to be carefully handled and transported to ensure it arrives with them in the same excellent condition it was in when it was manufactured.

Playing an integral part in the early stages of the manufacturing process means we can help our customers to develop optimum designs in terms of performance and ease of manufacture. Anticipation of our client's future needs drives our investment choices and ensures our highly-rated place in the market as laser-cutting experts.

Dr. John Powell, Technical Director

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