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"We constantly review the services we offer to ensure we are able to meet our customers' needs; this means we regularly invest in the latest technology."

Anton Schwarz - MD


We offer a comprehensive range of metal Laser Cutting services for all industries. We have 6 kW, 4 kW and 12kW Fibre Laser Cutting systems.

High power, precision fibre lasers mean we can quickly and cleanly cut metals into your chosen design; speeding up our whole fabrication operation - and faster means the best laser prices as well as improved lead times and deliveries for our customers.


CNC Press Brake

Our latest press brake bending technology, the 3m CNC Press Brake, has a faster set up and is linked to off-line programming, which relates directly back to the metal laser cutting requirements.

With more bends in a single visit to the press, machine self-checking to ensure repeatability and the ability to handle more complex designs; we can now produce more intricate parts with greater consistency, accuracy and improved productivity.


Laser Cutting Machinery


We are pleased to offer an in-house shotblasting service. Used industry-wide to clean and descale metal as well as to remove corrosion and rust, a shot blaster helps in preparation for surface treatment and powder coating. Our shot blaster uses a premium-quality steel shot, resulting in an excellent quality finish that powder coating bonds to seamlessly.

We purchased a Wheelabrator Smart Line Rotary Table Shot Blaster as part of our commitment to our customers and it reflects our ongoing business development. The result has been a significant improvement in efficiencies and an improvement in the service we are able to offer.

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Powder Coating Line

Our in-house powder coating operation includes an autowash system and pre-treatment solution to clean and protect the parts prior to painting.

We've invested in the latest Nordson spray booth, encore LT electrostatic spray gun and gas-fired recirculating curing oven for the best finish available.

These are only used for our Laser Cutting and Fabrication Customers, ensuring we retain complete control of timings and quality.

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Powder Coating Laser Expertise

CNC Lathe/ Machining Centre

We are now able to offer additional turning, milling, drilling and tapping services.

The HAAS ST-10Y CNC lathe/machining centre includes ‘active tooling’ allowing us to carry out any turning job you require, quickly and efficiently. We can also mill, drill and tap details in the sides of turned components to produce a wide range of parts like the ones shown in the photo below.

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