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24-hour gold service laser cutting nottingham

Precision sheet metal fabrication supplier

At Laser Expertise, we strive to maintain our offer of competitive prices and the highest quality standards.

With the latest machinery, we offer a comprehensive range of Steel Laser Cutting services with improved lead times and deliveries for our customers.

Our high power, precision fibre lasers mean we can quickly and cleanly cut Mild Steel (up to 25mm) and Stainless Steel (up to 20mm) into your chosen design.

We can also fabricate your order to meet your requirements including bending, welding and painting. You can order cut items, or assemblies and finished items, giving you a simple one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Laser cutting for different industries

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive laser cutting service and have worked across a range of different industries for 40 years. This experience means we have a detailed understanding of the processes and regulations that can impact organisations in different sectors.

  • General Engineering

  • Architectural Metalwork

  • Electrical Switchgear

  • Medical Equipment

  • Trains and Trams

  • Oil Industry

  • E.V. Industry

  • Industrial Kitchens

  • Construction Machinery

  • Automation and Conveyor Systems

  • Medical Equipment
  • Air con Equipment
  • Trains & Trams
  • Control Equipment
  • Oil Industry
  • Aerospace
Quality Laser Cutting Nottingham

Laser Expertise, a name synonymous with high quality industrial laser cutting and fabrication

Specialists in laser cutting, we’re also a one-stop-shop for all of your fabrication needs. Completing work for small local businesses and large international companies, we develop long-term partnerships with our clients, only ever delivering the best quality work.

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We work to the highest standards

We complete high quality laser cutting to detailed specifications every day.

We are fully compliant

We have decades of experience and have held our BSI/ISO registration since 1992 and are currently working towards ISO14001.

We work in partnership with our customers

We build long-term relationships, some of our customers have been with us since day one.

We run a 24hr operation

We work 24hrs a day, so we can meet your deadlines.

What laser cutting machinery do we use?

Our 12 kW Fibre Laser Cutting system is our most technically advanced laser machine available. It uses high-performance software to cut sheet metal and is ideal for projects requiring high-precision.

We also have 4 kW and 6 kW fibre laser cutting systems. These varying high power precision fibre lasers mean we can quickly and cleanly cut metals to your specifications.

Having expanded and diversified over the years, our facility now proudly offers full fabrication & powder-coating services helping us remain competitive as the leading laser cutting and fabrication company.

We have developed strong and long-standing relationships with other reliable service providers. These include; machining, plating, polishing and anodising to name a few. You can order complete assemblies without needing to source from multiple suppliers. We are your one-stop-shop!

In an ever-changing marketplace, Laser Expertise continuously develops to evolve our business and services.

Do you need laser cutting fast?

We have over 80 staff and operate around the clock, so if you need laser cutting in a rush, we’re the right team for the job. We offer quick and efficient laser cutting without compromising on quality.

We have carried out laser cutting for a wide range of sectors including the automation industry, health services, the military and more, meaning we have experience working with an extensive variety of specifications.

If you’re in a hurry, give us a call and find out more about our 24-Hour Gold Service which offers next-day despatch on all confirmed laser cutting orders.

What is industrial Laser cutting?

Industrial laser cutting is the process of precisely cutting materials such as metal, with a fine laser beam to a preprogrammed specification. A high-powered laser is directed using computer numerical control or CNC.

Our latest machinery emits high-precision fibre lasers, which hit the material, heating it so strongly that it vaporises it. As the laser moves across the material, it will create a clean cut for your chosen design.

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Whatever the project, if you’re looking for quality, expert fabrication then we have the team to help.

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