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Hanging up

/ Nov 26, 2021

Ready for powder coating

These parts will be used in electrical switchgear for secondary power distribution. They have already been cut and bent and as you can see here, they have been hung ready for powder coating; with the finished product being painted a dark textured grey.

On average we usually produce around 20 sets a time and they will be sent out as a kit of parts that will be assembled into the finished product by our customer.

Steel Housing

/ Nov 25, 2021

Intricate & high-spec fabrications

This image shows part of a mild steel housing for a ventilation fan that forms part of a leak-proof tank.

Full fabrication of this part involves laser cutting, bending, welding and finishing with a black powder coat.

This is a technical and intricate build. A fabrication like this can often end up in environments that ventilate hazardous materials and so precision is key.

Industrial Laser Cut Disks

/ Nov 23, 2021

Quality assurance with each order

From a huge, fabricated assembly to the delicate art of industrial laser cutting. The hygiene grade stainless steel, hand finished discs enclosed are used in a well-known coffee house chain. They have been protectively wrapped and grouped together, ready for packing and despatch.

We offer a full fabrication service, carrying out welding, bending, painting and finishing at our Nottingham base.

Efficient operations mean that, despite the various activities taking place here, the smallest job is treated and packaged with care so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Powder Coated Finish

/ Nov 19, 2021

Fabrication finished with powder coating

Here is the finished version of the grills which form part of a heated vent. Having been laser cut, bent and welded they are finished in matte black.

We have an ongoing relationship with this customer, regularly producing between 200 and 400 units every month.

Precision Industrial Laser Cutting

/ Nov 18, 2021

Precision industrial laser cutting

These steel grills are used on a heated vent to protect the user when the product is being manually handled.

As well as undergoing industrial laser cutting, these parts are bent, welded and powder coated black as part of our full fabrication service at our Nottingham site.

Industrial Fabrication

/ Nov 10, 2021

Consistent Industrial Fabrication

Cut using our 12kw ByStar fibre cutting system, these components are a regular feature on our production line.

After bending, being made hand-safe, having the poly-coating removed & cleaned they will be used in industrial sites to mount beacons and speakers in hazardous areas.

Tractor Carcass Welding

/ Nov 02, 2021

Industrial tow tractor carcass

This carcass, which will be used on an industrial tow tractor involved a range of mild steel from 3mm to 25mm thick.

The ongoing fabrications are set to be built in relatively small batches and, as this initial sample shows - involve a range of complex processes including detailed and high spec welding.

Our highly skilled staff are able to turn orders around to specification quickly. This product is manufactured in-house at our 30,000 sq ft Nottingham facility. The product will arrive on-site in good time, ready for installation.

Detailed Welding Project

/ Oct 20, 2021

A new welding project

This substantial steel fabrication forms the carcass of an electric tow-tractor that is capable of pulling up to 25-tonnes over long distances.

We worked closely with the customer's design team on this project. This included creating jigs and measuring gauges to assist with welding, assembly and final inspection - all resulting in efficient fabrication and the perfect fit.

The overall process involved drilling, tapping, countersinking, rolling, bending, step-bending various inserts, fixtures and fittings and of course, welding.

Semi assembled low voltage distribution cabinet

/ Sep 23, 2021

Semi-assembled low voltage distribution cabinet

This semi-assembled low voltage distribution cabinet forms part of an ongoing contract we have been working on.

The fabrication of this cabinet involved multiple processes. This included laser cutting, bending and inserting smaller fabricated parts.

As it is being used for an outdoor application, we powder coat it for protection from the elements.

Cut and ready for finishing

/ Sep 14, 2021

Limiting wastage

These parts also make up part of the high-end wood burning stoves that we manufacture for a well known and reputable supplier.

The image reflects the detail and precision with which the machine cuts. Efficiency such as this ensures that we can limit waste and it’s another reason that we like to continually invest in our machinery.

The style of cutting we do is broad and is as varied as our customer base.

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