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Sep 12, 2023

Laser Cutting for Batfast by Laser Expertise

Steel Laser Cutting for BatFast

BatFast pride themselves on constructing a real sports field experience inside the most accessible locations. It’s their mission to: ‘Drive increased participation and access to sport globally, through the use of technology.’ We are proud to support them with their laser cutting requirements

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May 25, 2023

New Optimum Upright Drills - Laser Expertise

New Optimum Upright Drills

We're committed to improving our manufacturing processes and efficiency, and recently purchased two Optimum Upright Drills as part of our investment in new equipment. The latest technology allows for greater precision, speed, and performance; resulting in improved product quality and increased production capacity.

With less maintenance required, downtime and costs are reduced, streamlining our manufacturing process and improving productivity for a better customer experience.

May 22, 2023

Laser Expertise 100 year old drill

A rich manufacturing history

We're proud to invest in the best possible equipment, as it ensures long-term value for our business. Recently, we were surprised to discover that one of our drills is about 120 years old - a testament to its durability and the dedication of those who have maintained it.

Industrial machinery can have a long lifespan with proper maintenance, and preserving this drill allows us to continue using a reliable and effective tool in our manufacturing process, while also honouring our history.

May 15, 2023

Quality Laser Cutting service

Delivering a quality service requires investment

We've invested in a new industrial curing oven to enhance our operations and improve customer service. Since 2017 we have been producing award-winning stoves for a leading British supplier, and have expanded to manufacture their entire range.

We value our partnership and strive to provide the best service by investing in the latest technology. This oven will create a more durable finish on the steel stoves by evenly distributing and drying the paint. We are also continually acquiring and looking for new technology that will help enhance our service speed and quality.

May 09, 2023

Quality Laser Cutting Nottingham

What makes us a leading industrial laser cutting supplier?

As a leading provider of industrial laser cutting and fabrication in Nottingham, we take great pride in developing enduring partnerships with our clients. We supply a diverse number of sectors, including the automation industry, healthcare services, and the military, among others. This has given us vast experience in working with an extensive range of specifications, each with varying levels of intricacy.

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Feb 07, 2023

Wildpyre Laser Cut Parts

Quality laser cutting for a premium grill supplier

For this project, our customer provides us with drawings, which we laser cut, supplying them with flat kits of parts for them to fabricate in-house. This particular customer manufactures and supplies high-quality steel grills and fire tables for commercial and domestic use.

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