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Laser Cutting for Prada in Harrods

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We carry out quality laser cutting across a wide range of industries. In recent years we’ve expanded more widely into the retail sector finding ourselves carrying out laser cutting for high-end shop fitting applications.

Frequently, we partner with businesses that have been commissioned to project manage displays. Here we provide high quality, precision laser cutting display solutions which enhance the overall aesthetic of the display.

Laser cutting is the ideal choice for brands that want to create striking and recognisable displays as it allows for unique and specific customisation. Laser cutting provides high precision and detailing, allowing retailers to create intricate designs and patterns that can be challenging using other cutting methods. This level of precision allows us to create a wide range of high-quality, visually appealing parts. Projects which require laser cutting for high-end retail shops often include personalised signage, promotional materials, or even a ‘signature’ emblem.

Dior’s Christmas displays were butterflies. We found ourselves laser cutting hundreds of the creatures in dazzling gold aluminium. The highlight of this entire project had to be their Christmas tree which proudly stood in Terminal Five of Heathrow Airport. It was adorned with gold butterflies, flowers, signage and trinkets, most of which had been cut weeks earlier in our laser cutting factory in Nottingham. It really was a joy for the entire team to see the installation in all of its glory thanks to some images which were kindly sent to us by Janet Foley Photography.

An example of laser cutting for high-end retail shops - a gold butterfly on Dior's Christmas display
an example of laser cutting in flat pack form with curved structure with logo to create the stand for luxury brand store, Prada

Of course, Laser Cutting for the Retail Industry can be extremely varied and so, as well as these more intricate aluminium laser cut designs, we find ourselves creating larger, structural designs too. This was certainly the case with a Prada stand at Harrods and the YSL stand at Heathrow Airport. Both of these luxury fashion brands are globally renowned. The products they sell are aspirational and premium quality so it is vital the laser cut aluminium for their point-of-sale displays reflects this.

For the Prada stand, as with many of these projects, we supplied laser cutting in flat pack form for a third party to then assemble. They then finished and built the curved structure which can be seen in the images, as well as the uprights of the stand. Our customer then assembled them together and had them painted with incredible results.

Similarly, the YSL stand was to be positioned in a busy shopping area and so needed to be robust enough to handle heavy footfall. We were asked to carry out steel laser cutting for the floor of this structure. This display had a huge footprint and high quality construction was important to ensure that the stand, as a whole, maintained its premium look over time. By all accounts looking at the finished structure of the stand, this goal for a quality look and feel was achieved.

Laser cutting is a great choice for point-of-sale retail displays, not only because it achieves great looking and quality results but because the process as a whole can minimise waste making it extremely efficient. Machines such as our 12 kW Fibre Laser Cutting system are incredibly advanced and can be finely controlled. It can laser cut steel and other metals with high precision, allowing us to cut incredibly intricate designs for our customers while minimising waste of the, often expensive, materials.

It’s been great working on these projects, providing laser cutting for high-end retail shops, we can’t wait to see what our customers have “in store” for us next (sorry, we can’t resist a good pun!).

YSL stand made by steel laser cutting for point-of-sale retail displays - the stand with a quality look and feel.

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