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Shotblasting Laser Expertise

We recently purchased a Wheelabrator Smart Line Rotary Table Shot Blaster.

Wheelabrator are a long-standing manufacturer and innovator of this technology.

Shotblasting is used industry-wide to clean & descale metal, removing corrosion, rust, and making parts look brand new.

It is often used in preparation for surface treatment and powder coating, which is predominantly what we do with our shot blaster. The high-quality steel shot used in processing means we achieve an excellent quality finish that our powder coating bonds to seamlessly.

The investment was made as part of our ongoing commitment to develop and offer an extensive fabrication service to our customers. Our new ability to turn surface treatment around quickly and efficiently has become increasingly important.

By bringing the process in-house, we are already seeing a significant improvement in lead times and efficiencies.

We are now better positioned to meet more customer requirements quickly and are pleased to offer this service alongside our other processes, including bending, welding, assembly, and powder coating.

We are excited to offer surface treatment as part of our diverse fabrication service. The investment is part of our commitment to our customers and our planned business development.

Anton Schwarz, Managing Director

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