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Steel Laser Cutting for Firepits

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In recent years many people have been doing more of their socialising outdoors; unfortunately, British weather does not always make this a comfortable experience.

One of our customers was approached by a company who had designed an innovative new fire pit, making outdoor socialising a warmer affair. They wanted our customer to assemble the steel laser cut parts for them.

We have provided laser cutting to this particular engineering company since 2018. For this project we received a full set of drawings, enabling us to quote for 3 different sizes of fire pit in kit form”. We supply the steel laser cutting and they weld, fabricate, assemble, and occasionally paint, to create a variety of different end products for their customers. It is not uncommon for us to supply flat-pack style laser cutting, indeed, this is something we do for a wide range of customers who choose us for the quality of our work and our rapid turnaround - we specialise in quick laser cutting!

The fire pits are made from either mild steel, for a rustic look, or 304 stainless steel for a more contemporary style. Our customer will bend and roll the flat sheets, then weld the components together to create the fire pit - which people can also cook on if they choose.

The product itself is positioned as a premium brand, with the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship setting it apart from other lower-quality, mass produced fire pits. Each is detailed with various size oak leaf cut-outs which make for a stunning, whimsical design.

This particular design must be cut with exceptional accuracy, to ensure the oak leaves come out of the sheet metal cleanly. We can supply this level of precision thanks to our investment in up-to-date laser cutting technology. We use our high-power Bystar Laser machines to give an excellent finish to our work.

Our partnership with this particular client is reflective of our trend towards supplying premium brands that sell luxury items. We firmly believe that because we can provide fast laser cutting without ever compromising on quality, our reputation is growing with companies who specialise in selling outstanding products.

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